Digital Clinic

Digital Clinic brings health care services to you

Digital clinic offers help with health issues every day of the year, wherever you are – without a separate appointment! At the remote Digital Clinic appointmemt you can send your questions and, if necessary, pictures to the doctor or nurse.

The public health care services at Digital Clinic are available for Kemi, Tornio and Keminmaa residents on weekdays from 8-20 and weekends and public holidays from 10-16. The service is free of charge.

The private Digital Clinic is open 24/7, including weekends and public holidays. Remote Digital Clinic appointments with doctors are available every day from 6 -24, and our nurses can assess your need for treatment at night from 23-6. The service is subject to a fee.

You can access Digital Clinic with the OmaMehiläinen smartphone app. Sending pictures during a Digital Clinic chat can be done easiest with a smartphone.

Download from App Store

Download from Google Play

Log in in OmaMehiläinen web-service

Start using Digital Clinic in the OmaMehiläinen service

  • Download the OmaMehiläinen app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • When using the app for the first time, use your online banking credentials to identify yourself.
  • Read and accept the terms of use.
  • Set a pin code or enable fingerprint recognition to open the app in the future.
  • After logging in to the application, select “Add” in the lower right corner and fill in your information in the application. You can also add your child’s information in the “family members” section.
  • Open Digital Clinic from the menu below and select “Public Healthcare Mehiläinen Länsi-Pohja” for free service or “Private Customer” for paid service.
  • Write about your symptoms and attach a picture if necessary.
  • You will receive an answer within an hour. In the mobile app, you will also receive a notification when the answer has arrived.

Digital Clinic provides help with various symptoms

Remote appointments with doctors can be used to treat symptoms and diseases that do not require a physical examination, for example:

  • Cold symptoms (fever, rhinitis, stuffy nose, cough)
  • Urinary tract infections in women
  • Stomach issues (diarrhea, vomiting)
  • Skin symptoms (rash, acne, skin inflammation, nail diseases)
  • Allergy symptoms (allergic rhinitis, pollen allergy symptoms)
  • Acute back pain with no alarming signs such as limb symptoms, strong or increasing pain
  • Eye symptoms (eye infection, inflammation of the eyelids)
  • Prescription renewal